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I am using chrony 3.2 on RHEL 7.6. I was trying to find out why my
clock seemed to be out of sync with the NTP server despite chrony
running and the 1 NTP server I had configured was online. I turned on
"log measurements" which in the chrony.conf man page says:

               This option is identical to the rawmeasurements option,
except it logs only valid measurements from synchronised sources, i.e.
measurements which passed the RFC 5905 tests 1 through 7. This can be
useful for producing graphs of the source’s performance.

This specifically says "only valid measurements from synchronised
sources", but It was still showing log lines for the source. When I
looked at `chrony sources -v` it listed the source state as "?", which
is quite confusing because the source is not actually "unreachable". I
tracked the issue down to the source reporting a root dispersion of
5.4 seconds. If I increase the "maxdistance" then chrony shows the
source as online.

Why does chrony show the source as " '?' = unreachable", instead of
like "'x' = time may be in error"? Why are there lines in the
measurements file when the source is not synchronised? My
servers(doesn't include the NTP server) will be together on a LAN,
without a gateway to the internet. The NTP server is provided by
someone else, and I am not sure if it will be synced with an external
source. Can someone provide some insight/recommendations here please?
Should I just leave the maxdistance at 16.0? I am kind of inclined to
blame the person managing the NTP server; they should probably sync
its time regularly some how, either manually or from an external
source (over internet or GPS, whatever).


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