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Hi all,

we want to run chrony as server inside a container (docker). This container 
should not touch the system clock, but run as simple server service, so we 
start it with the `-x` flag. There is another chrony instance running on the 
container host, which should be responsible for modifying the system clock. It 
should communicate with the containered chrony via ntp.

I found this warning in the docs:

> It is not recommended to run chronyd (with or without -x) when another 
process is controlling the system clock.

But this would be the case.
Can you explain the reason for this warning? Do you have a better idea?

We have multiple identical container hosts (each running chrony as ntp client, 
which should use the containered chrony as ntp server). We want to be able to 
start the container dynamically on any of our container hosts, so we can't 
choose one host and stop chrony there and run the container with the correct 
privileges to be able to modify the system clock.



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