Re: [chrony-users] chronyc "add server FQDN" delayed name resolving

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On 23.01.2019 10:59, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
The chronyd/chronyc protocol needs to be extended to pass the hostname
instead of the IP address. This will also enable a "add pool" command.

One issue is, how this server-side resolving should be specified. An
idea I had was to use quotes, e.g.

chronyc 'add server ""'

There could be also a new command, or a new option of the existing
command. I'm not sure what's better.

It is already possible to pass the FQDN / hostname instead if
the IP address. The problem is: If the hostname is not resolvable
now (e.g. DNS down), the chronyc command is not successful and the
hostname is discarded.

In contrast, the server statement in the configuration file works
as expected: chronyd keeps trying until the hostname can be

chronyd should not discard the hostname from chronyc if it is
not resolvable. It should handle it the same way as in the
configuration file: keep trying to resolve the hostname.

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