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I don’t believe a guarantee of < 1 ms from true time is achievable inside a VM. Too many things happen in a VM system even when the host is not over subscribed.

For a few hundred dollars you can buy a small hardware device that serves NTP (or even PTP) based on GPS. Very, very cost effective.


> On Jan 07, 2019, at 07:11, LeBlanc, Daniel James <daniel.leblanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Miroslav.
> The requirement that we are trying to meet is " Time accuracy must be within 1 ms of true time.", as described in Section 5.18 of
> I am currently connected to the NRC Internet-accessible time servers from our lab environment.  I am so close to meeting the spec (~1.3ms reported root dispersion) that I thought I would reach out to the experts to see if there was some adjustment that I might try.  :-)
> I am running chrony within a virtual environment (VM) so have disabled rtcsync and enabled rtcfile within the .conf file.  I will look at reducing the maxclockerror and increasing the minsamples setting.  Any additional items to consider would be appreciated!
> Thanks.
> Daniel J. LeBlanc, P.Eng., MBA, DTME | Senior Network Architect | Bell Canada

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