[chrony-users] Chrony offset and stability adjustments?

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Hello All.


I have a number of chrony instances deployed on VMs.  In each case, they stabilize with a somewhat stable root dispersion as reported by ‘chronyc tracking’.  I have the following questions as I have not been able to find answers online or within the chrony documentation:


1.       I am ourcing my time from NTP servers that have a consistent root dispersion of between 1 and 2ms.  Is it possible for me to tell chrony to offset the local clock by this amount?  I have tried the ‘offset’ setting but it does not appear to have had any affect on the root dispersion as reported by ‘chronyc tracking’.

2.       My chrony server root dispersion appears to “adjust” more readily than I would like (within the logs, I can watch the root dispersion grow from 1ms to 1.5ms, then adjust back when it switches to another NTP server).  Can I change a setting so that it makes adjustments much more slowly?




Daniel J. LeBlanc, P.Eng., MBA, DTME | Senior Network Architect | Bell Canada


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