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Hello Hei,

i use the call 
	chronyc waitsync 1 1 500
for knowing if chrony has already achieved synchronization.
Attached a trivial shell script which you can use as boolean command:
	chrony_is_synced && do_something || fail_somehow_if_not_synced
or you can call it
	chrony_is_synced -v
to get the result on stdout.

The first parameter to waitsync (1) tells chronyc to only check once, i.e. , 
the call will be (roughly) non-blocking.
You can change that into "0" or a big number to get a blocking command, it 
will wait (long/forever) to sync. Attached also my "chrony_wait_sync" shell 
On purpose i use big max-correction and max-skew values (1 500), to allow for 
a fast(er) rough initial synchronization.

BTW, chronyc burst  will _NOT_ give you any synchronization warranty, it will 
only force so many measurements from (each) server.

Hope it helps, Ariel

On Thursday, 10 May 2018 12:16:29 CEST Hei Chan wrote:
>  Thanks Miroslav and Bill!
> One last related question -- how can I be able to tell the sync/calibration
> is done after I manually ask chrony to synch/calibrate? I saw one of the
> posts 4 years ago suggesting that there is no way? Which command is better
> to force chrony to synchronize time right now -- chronyc burst or chronyc
> waitsync?
> Which command is better to force chrony to synchronize time right now --...
> Or even better -- is there a way that I can call through a C API and get a
> callback or get blocked after it is done? Thanks!

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