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In setting up chrony on a BeagleBone Black, I initially pulled down the package using apt-get but found that package is not built with PPS support. That package from apt-get puts the chrony.conf file in /etc/chrony. However when I built it from source and did the make install, chrony is looking for chrony.conf in /etc. I think I prefer the file to be in /etc/chrony but couldn't seem to figure out how to make that happen. I used what appeared to be the right option in the configure script for specifying the location of the config file but that didn't appear to have any affect. I ultimately ended up creating a soft link in /etc in order to get things working.

Anybody have any tips on how to get this to work without creating the soft link? I realize this may be more of a debian/linux question but I was not able to determine from online resources how to do it. Since it was specific to chrony I thought I'd ask in this forum. I'm not exactly a debian expert or sys-admin so it's a little out of my depth. Thanks in advance.

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