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On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 12:55:00AM +0200, Mauro Condarelli wrote:
> Il 14/04/2016 23:03, Bill Unruh ha scritto:
> >That is a driftfile for the rtc. If the rtc is way way out, it has nothing to
> >fix-- ie the fix is nonesense. If your rtc is as flaky as you imply, it might
> >be better not to use the rtc at all. AFAI remember, if there is not rtc (ie
> >the rtcfile directive) chrony will look at a few files, and use the dates from
> >them to set the current time. That will be out (depending on how long th
> >emachine has been  off) but it will be in the past, so your concern about the
> >system always going forward will be satisfied.
> >
> If I understand well the "-s" option forces chrony to restart timing from the date of the "driftfile" file (thus providing a monotone, even if wrong, time).
> Did misinterpret the manual?

With the -s option, chronyd will set the system time from the RTC or
the driftfile, depending which one is later. If there is no RTC, it's
just set from the driftfile.

> My current work hypothesis is something bad happens when chronyd tries to update RTC.
> I want to verify this updating RTC with different means (ntpdate).
> It might not be conclusive, but will give me some hint (hopefully).

You can prevent chronyd from touching the RTC (bothing reading and
writing) by setting rtcdevice in the config to a non-existing file.

If that fixes the freeze and crash, it's likely a kernel or HW issue.

Miroslav Lichvar

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