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Look in /var/log/messages for any messages from chrony as it started up. Your chrony.conf file has no sources for it to get time from. Why would you
expect it to be doing anything?
Why are you using the "local" command? It is pretty useless for almost
anything. (Yes, there is a tiny corner use case, that is almost never really
Try running ps aux|grep chrony|grep -v grep
to see if it is running.

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On Fri, 4 Mar 2016, Nathan Royce wrote:

$ cat /etc/chrony.conf
maxupdateskew 5
driftfile /var/lib/chrony/drift
dumpdir /var/lib/chrony
local stratum 10
rtcfile /var/lib/chrony/rtc

$ sudo chronyd -u chrony -d -f /etc/chrony.conf
2016-03-04T01:57:03Z chronyd version 2.3 starting (+CMDMON +NTP +REFCLOCK +RTC +PRIVDROP -SCFILTER +SECHASH +ASYNCDNS +IPV6 -DEBUG)
2016-03-04T01:57:03Z Frequency 0.000 +/- 1000000.000 ppm read from /var/lib/chrony/drift

$ sudo ss -pant | grep chron
$ //nothing returned  		 	   		  N‹§²وىr¸›yéڑٹW!®‰ٍ؛ا«²·ھ¹ë-rèں+nإِ¦ٹ\¨®"¶§²وىr¸›z)ي…ë.n7œ´Z+…éizf¢•بk¢|®±êى­ê®zث\†؛'تغ±}©¢—*+ƒ­†¥¦)ي…ë.n7œµ:è¹¹^f¢–X¬¶f¬µêـ†؛'تغ±}©¢—*+

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