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On 12/01/15 12:45, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> Two things that by design delay the exit of the foreground process are
> the -s option and the initstepslew directive. As you pointed out in I just found out concurrently. :)
Makes sense, of course.

> Do you have allow/deny with a hostname in your config? 

No. The difference is that I wasn't using rtcsync (like Peter) but the
rtcautotrim/rtcfile stuff. That initialization also seems to cause an
additional slowdown.

I've now removed initstepslew in favor of makestep - should accomplish
mostly the same thing, i.e. a basic sanity check in case the RTC went
bonkers - and use rtcsync instead of rtcfile. Now the init script starts
immediately without using external --background forking.
This also has the added benefit of properly announcing any configuration
or other startup errors to the init system.

All this is not terribly relevant *for me* since my HW clock is relatively
sane and I'm connected to a Stratum-1 source with ridiculous precision
and constant path latency. It was more to figure out a good path forward
for the packaged init script.


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