[chrony-users] Trying to build/install chrony on Centos 6.6, what am I missing

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Newbie(?) question:

I'm trying to build and install chrony on an i386 CentOS 6.6 machine.

What am I missing?



[root@gx270 chrony-2.1.1]# make
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c array.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c cmdparse.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c conf.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c local.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c logging.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c main.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c memory.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c mkdirpp.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c reference.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c regress.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c rtc.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c sched.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c sources.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c sourcestats.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c stubs.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c sys.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c smooth.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c tempcomp.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c util.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread   -c hash_intmd5.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c sys_generic.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c sys_linux.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c wrap_adjtimex.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c cmdmon.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c manual.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c pktlength.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c ntp_core.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c ntp_io.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c ntp_sources.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c addrfilt.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c clientlog.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c keys.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c nameserv.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c refclock.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c refclock_phc.c
refclock_phc.c: In function ‘phc_poll’:
refclock_phc.c:150: warning: ‘best’ may be used uninitialized in this function
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c refclock_pps.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c refclock_shm.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c refclock_sock.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c nameserv_async.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c rtc_linux.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread -o chronyd array.o cmdparse.o conf.o local.o logging.o main.o memory.o mkdirpp.o reference.o regress.o rtc.o sched.o sources.o sourcestats.o stubs.o sys.o smooth.o tempcomp.o util.o hash_intmd5.o sys_generic.o sys_linux.o wrap_adjtimex.o cmdmon.o manual.o pktlength.o ntp_core.o ntp_io.o ntp_sources.o addrfilt.o clientlog.o keys.o nameserv.o refclock.o refclock_phc.o refclock_pps.o refclock_shm.o refclock_sock.o nameserv_async.o rtc_linux.o -lm -lrt
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread   -c client.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread  -c getdate.c
gcc -O2 -g -Wmissing-prototypes -Wall -pthread -o chronyc client.o nameserv.o getdate.o cmdparse.o pktlength.o util.o hash_intmd5.o -lm
[root@gx270 chrony-2.1.1]# make install
makeinfo --no-headers --number-sections -o chrony.txt chrony.texi
make: makeinfo: Command not found
make: *** [chrony.txt] Error 127

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