Re: [chrony-users] Does Chronyd update the hardware clock?

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Hello Bill,

Thanks again your quick and detailed reply.

> If you told us what you hope to accomplish, we might be able to give better
> advice.

I have a linux computer on a network which loses internet connectivity for
atleast 8 hours every day. The computer is also prone to power loss. I
have the hard discs on raid-1 and also had ntpd running.

I noticed an instance where the start time on the computer was 2
minutes behind the time reported in earlier log entries. I presume
that this does not work well with the raid-1 functionality.

Hence, I want to do something to ensure that the hwclock is synced up
with the system clock once in a while.

I also read that for computers which lose internet connection,
 chrony > ntp. Hence, I switched over to chrony. 
Now, I am trying to figure out how to sync up the hwclock with the
system clock. I read that the "11-minute mode" (enabled with rtcsync)
is not ideal. "rtcautotrim" is probably what I need.

Does that help? Or, are there any other details that I can provide? I
am on the latest linux stable kernel and the distro is gentoo. The cpu
is AMD on that particular computer. 

Thanks again,

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