[chrony-users] Large corrections with no network connectivity

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Hi All,

I'm using chrony on a raspberry pi based datalogger, which has no internet access, period. I have an I2C RTC attached to the pi to maintain time when it's powered down.

I am using gpsd and linuxpps for my time source. To that end, i have this in chrony.conf:-

refclock PPS /dev/pps0 lock SHM0 poll 1 prefer
refclock SHM 0 offset 0.125 delay 0.2 refid SHM0 poll 2 noselect

It works well. However. a few days ago I managed to drop the box with my pi in and the battery fell out of the RTC. Next boot, it's 1970,

I'd like to find a way for chrony to correct that time rapidly. 

It looks like initstepslew is almost what I want, but not quite - because it wants to operate with ntp servers on the network, which are not available?

Can chrony do this, or am I going to need to write some sort of script to set the hardware clock manually if it's wildy out? It'd be a shame if chrony couldn't do this for me.



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