[chrony-users] how to create a hashed chrony command password, it does not seem to work..

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Hello chrony users,

How do I generate a hashed password for the /etc/chrony.keys file? The instructions in the man pages and documentation I found seem incomplete and my 'normal' hashing method leads to "Reply not authenticated" errors.

Assuming a password of    foobar    , I assume to generate a hash like this:
echo -n foobar | md5sum
3858f62230ac3c915f300c664312c63f  -

But if I add to /etc/chrony.keys

99 MD5 HEX:3858f62230ac3c915f300c664312c63f

and change the commandkey in /etc/chrony.conf to

commandkey 99

Now I restart the chronyd so the changed content of both files is read, but the password is not accepted.

chronyc> password
Password: [typing foobar]
501 Not authorised --- Reply not authenticated

What is puzzling me is that on http://chrony.tuxfamily.org/manual.html in the "4.2.10 commandkey" section it states that the hash for foobar is a different one, being B028F91EA5C38D06C2E140B26C7F41EC.

With Sha1 hashes I have the same problems.

Can anyone help?

Ferry de Jong

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