Re: [chrony-users] bug report: duplicate server addresses cause chronyd to core

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You should not have duplicate servers in chrony.conf, but given that, chrony
should not crash either. Your analysis sounds reasonable.

On Wed, 24 Apr 2013, victor lum wrote:

Hello, I don't know if this bug has already been filed, or if this is
improper place to report it.  If this is improper I apologize for the
extra spam.

I believe I have found a bug in chrony 1.27 which causes chronyd to
crash.  Using the attached config file, chrony.conf, and the command
line "chronyd -n -f chrony.conf", I get the output in syslog.txt
(attached) and then a segfault.

After sorting through the code, I was able to identify what I feel to be
the issue - duplicate IP addresses in the list of ntp servers.  The
backtrace in gdb.txt shows that the fault occurs in acquire.c.  It shows
that a timer from timer_queue executed transmit_timeout with a pointer
to a SourceRecord which has been deleted.

I believe it became invalid by this mechanism in acquire.c:

When there are duplicate ntp servers listed on the initstepslew line, 2
SourceRecords are created (sourceA and sourceB), and two timers are
created (timerA and timerB).  When ntp responses are received, only
sourceA is updated because of the way read_from_socket searches for a
matching record.  Eventually, the criteria for sourceA are met, causing
timerA to stop and n_completed_sources to increment.  timerB continues
to trigger, sending ntp poll messages to the ntp server.  Responses from
that server are assigned to sourceA, triggering the criteria for sourceA
and causing n_completed_sources to increment improperly.  Once this
happens enough times, n_complete_sources == number of servers and all
SourceRecords are deleted.  The next time timerB triggers, it attempts
to access sourceB, which was already been deleted, causing the core.

Attached is a patch I used to prevent duplicate IP addresses in the
acquisition list.  Using this patch, I no longer see the segfault.

thanks for your time

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