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On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 07:05:33PM +0200, Michael Heimpold wrote:
> Hi,
> the feature list of v1.25 included a statement: "Delayed server name resolving".
> I'm wondering how this should work, as I didn't find any documentation about
> this new feature?!

It's not documented yet. I suspect it also made some parts of the
manual obsolete.

> I'm trying to use chrony on an embedded system, and sometimes DNS resolution
> is not yet set up when chronyd starts. Upstream NTP servers are added during
> system startup via chronyc and "add server ..." commands.
> However, when DNS is down then such commands are failing.
> I already tried with the offline flag, e.g. "add server ... offline". But this didn't
> worked, too.

The delayed name resolving feature is only in chronyd, i.e. it works
only with the servers specified in chrony.conf. The chronyc client
resolves the server name on its own before sending the command to
chronyd to add the server and it gives up immediately on resolving
error. You'll probably need to wrap the chronyc call in a loop and
retry until it returns with zero exit code.

Miroslav Lichvar

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