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On Thu, 28 Apr 2011, Harald Krammer wrote:


I use chrony on a embedded device. In my environment there exists many
different ntp implementations. Not all implementations follow the RFCs,
and thus I have implemented some hacks into chrony.

e.g. force stratum on server request, take of not synchronized time

No idea what the second item is supposed to mean.

(Leap indicator), monitoring of chrony in case of ntp time jumps (chrony
may hang when time jumps are happen on ntp source -  I know these are

Chrony certainly should not hang when time jumps occur. (Why are those time
jumps occuring in the first place?)
What is the output into the logs when those hangs occur?

very strange tests from my customers. )

Right now I am fighting again with some NTP implementations. These
returns with NTP v4 answers  instead of ntp v3 answers. Is there
something to consider when I enable ntp v4 answerers in chrony. Any
additional risks?

BTW I merged my few patches to 1.25-pre2 and I did not see any side
effects. Let me know, if I should test something.

Nice greetings,

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