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On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 10:41:54PM +0200, Harald Krammer wrote:
> Hello,
> I use chrony on a embedded device. In my environment there exists many
> different ntp implementations. Not all implementations follow the RFCs,
> and thus I have implemented some hacks into chrony.
> e.g. force stratum on server request, take of not synchronized time
> (Leap indicator), monitoring of chrony in case of ntp time jumps (chrony
> may hang when time jumps are happen on ntp source -  I know these are
> very strange tests from my customers. )

Hm, chrony shouldn't hang, what exactly happens?

> Right now I am fighting again with some NTP implementations. These
> returns with NTP v4 answers  instead of ntp v3 answers. Is there
> something to consider when I enable ntp v4 answerers in chrony. Any
> additional risks?

chrony makes a client v3 request and the server replies with a v4
packet? I'd say accepting the v4 reply should be safe and will work as
expected, but I still haven't found time to study the new RFC 5905 to
be sure.

> BTW I merged my few patches to 1.25-pre2 and I did not see any side
> effects. Let me know, if I should test something.

Are the patches or your git repo publicly available? Maybe some of
them should be included?


Miroslav Lichvar

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