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On 15/03/2011 09:07, Damien R wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use chrony to synchronize the system clock between two
> computers (with no connection between them), each equipped with a gps
> (gps emmit a pps).

I guess it's just a mis-phrasing, but if there is no connection between
the two machines, how are you hoping that they will communicate between
each other to be synchronised?

Is it not possible to add some connection between the two machines?

However, yes I believe that as long as you configure gpsd also then SHM
should work.  I have something like this in my chrony.conf:

refclock SHM 1 poll 4 offset 0.0 refid GPS1

Note I'm not currently using a gps, but your question was asked in
January on this list by Michael Ashley. Perhaps have a look through that?

Also, it's in the back of my mind, but some older versions of gpsd
benefited from a patch by Miroslav to smooth PPS? If you are on some
distribution which only has antique gpsd versions then try getting up to
date?  Half remembered advice though...

Good luck

Ed W

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