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On Mon, 5 Apr 2010, J. Bakshi wrote:

Thanks for your response.  I have followed the tcpdump method with both
firewall enable and disable mode and both the time the output is same; like

08:32:53.164293 IP > localhost.323: UDP, length 40
08:32:53.164309 IP > UDP, length 44
you can see here that port 323 is accessible but still I get the error as

chronyc> tracking
506 Cannot talk to daemon

and I have no clue why it can't talk with the daemon :-(

Nor have I .
Are you sure that you have the same version of chronyd and chronyc? Where did
you get the programs from? ( for example if you are using chornyc version 1.23
and chronyd 1.24 chronyc will not work.)

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