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On Tue, 26 Jan 2010, Pierre Abbat wrote:

I've been running chrony for years, originally with some handpicked time
servers but now with some servers from the pool. I've been on a cable
connection for over a year with a long-term stable address (it changed a few
weeks ago when I switched routers). I've been thinking of joining the pool,
but the recommendations on the pool site say to use the standard ntpd. Is
anyone using chrony in the pool, and how well does it work?

David Mills claims that they can tell who is on ntpd and who on something else
and that they strongly discourage non ntpd runners from being in the pool. I
have no idea why, except he feels that it is either his way or the highway. There is no reason why it would not work well. It is an ntp V3 server, not V4 (kiss of death, etc)


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