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Hi Tom :-)

> > I saw that users wich can't get X with the core and used the devel
> > flavor was then happy because X worked out-of-the-box. So not
> > tousand of solution: we need full Xorg with DRI/DRM support and
> > some drivers such as ati, geode, nv, intel.
> I dont think, you need all these drivers for the iso - I think vesa
> and fbdev are enough. I have checked with crunchbang, that does not
> have a lot of drivers with - Xorg loads both drivers and checks,
> which one works better and most of the time it works better with
> fbdev - we would also have better pulsbo support with the fbdev
> driver. You can check this also with the slitaz.iso - if you check
> Xorg.0.log you will see, that it wants to load the fbdev driver
> The problem is, that the fbdev does not exist in cooking , so a
> package has to be done

Oh oh you pointed out a way I did't check, I was actually nearly ready
for an TinyX Xfbdev flavor but did not thougt abour using he xfbdev
driver for Xorg.

I'm going to package it tonoght and make ISO to try.

Hugs and have a nice monday,
- Christophe

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