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Am Sat, 25 Feb 2012 11:14:37 +0100
schrieb Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi all,
> So we got a lot of feedback about our 4.0-RC1 and we need to make some
> change for RC2. The main bug is Xorg and my unfamous xorg-server-light
> that I have stripped down to avoid mesa and friends on the LiveCD.
> I saw that users wich can't get X with the core and used the devel
> flavor was then happy because X worked out-of-the-box. So not tousand
> of solution: we need full Xorg with DRI/DRM support and some drivers
> such as ati, geode, nv, intel.

I dont think, you need all these drivers for the iso - I think vesa and
fbdev are enough. I have checked with crunchbang, that does not have a
lot of drivers with - Xorg loads both drivers and checks, which one
works better and most of the time it works better with fbdev - we would
also have better pulsbo support with the fbdev driver. You can check
this also with the slitaz.iso - if you check Xorg.0.log you will see,
that it wants to load the fbdev driver

The problem is, that the fbdev does not exist in cooking , so a package
has to be done

> On size side we are going to have a ISO at 36Mb. That said, last
> cooking was at 30Mb, without additionnal packages we at 33-34 Mb with
> RC1 so we got 3Mb of bloated stuff. Webkit got 1,2 Mb bigger...
> Going to 36Mb is no longer a problem since with the new 4in1 we can
> boot old machine in text mode, just with X or just with GTK.
> I guess these 3Mb are ther because the chroot on Tabk was not clean,
> not updated and so packages linked to unwanted installed libbrarie.
> Gnumeric is a good example, it never ever needed GConf but is now
> linked to it just because GConf and GConf-dev was installed in the
> chroot but should not be part of the basic build chroot.
> Any other changes you want to see in RC2 ?
> - Christophe

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