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It seems we failed at announcing VHFFS 4.3.0 here :-)

So, VHFFS 4.3.0 was released a few months ago and VHFFS 4.3.1 was 
released yesterday.

VHFFS 4.3.0 contains many improvements over 2 years of continuous 
deveopment, blablabla... the most notifiable changes are Mercurial 
and Cron jobs support.

VHFFS 4.3.1 contains all bugs... oh wait... fixes all bugs discovered 
when TuxFamily moved to Debian Squeeze which were not catched up during 
bug squash party previous to VHFFS 4.3.0.

As usual, everything is available on the VHFFS website: http://www.vhffs.org/

Below are VHFFS 4.3.0 and 4.3.1 ChangeLogs.

VHFFS 4.3.0
   - Added information in history about which user generated which entry
   - fixed modobot perl 4 syntax
   - ajaxified the public part
   - private scm repositories removed from public part display
   - awstats 6.95 support added
   - awstats 7.0 support added
   - modobot backend reconnection support
   - fixed lang and theme cookies/internal so that user doesn't need to
     double refresh to get accurate information
   - fixed tag request stuff
   - email contact list display for admins suitable for a cut'n'past in
   - added compile time option "-DCHECK" for vhffsfsssync_slave so that
     you can run to check if your slave copy is up to date
   - added mtime support to vhffsfssync
   - fixed a bug in vhffsfssync when a directory is replaced to a regular
   - using fflush() before futimes() in vhffsfssync to get accurate
   - fixed some replication issues with vhffsfssync
   - vhffsfsync slave option to preserve owners, groups and permissions
   - ported lighttpd patchs for 1.4.28
   - ported pure-ftpd patchs to 1.0.30
   - ported VFS Linux kernel patch to 2.6.33.*, 2.6.36.*
   - ported phppgadmin patch to 4.2.3
   - ported MySQL patch to 5.1.49
   - ported suPHP patchs to 0.7.1
   - ported PunBB patchs to 1.3.5
   - fixed perl 4 syntax in cron_scheduler
   - reworked a bit cron_scheduler 
   - rewrote Robots::Mysql
   - added mercurial support to VHFFS
   - started bazaar support
   - removed panel useless stuff, improved a bit the panel CSS
   - added vhffs-fs clearing mode options
   - new default permissions for homedir (700) and groupdir (770)
   - vhffs-fs now does its own permission checking instead of relying on
     the buggy fuse default_permission flag
   - fixed autokill and vhffsfsync for filesystems that do not support
     the dirent d_type field
   - and bugfixes here and here...

VHFFS 4.3.1
   - Fixed PunBB patch so that registered users can post new topics
     and removed warning upon account creation
   - Fixed delete boxes, File::Path::rmtree now checks if it tries to
     remove the CWD and aborts
   - Impoved MySQL patch, now also modify MySQL upgrade and init process
     so that you don't need to repair the mysql database after each
   - Public part: don't display anymore a link to archives of a
     mailing-list if the mailing-list does not have archives enabled
   - Fixed mail autoreply patch format
   - Ensure that vhffs.conf is read using UTF8
   - Fixed the git robot to use git config instead of git-config
   - There is a bug about Config::General and the '#' character. We only
     need it for the IRC bot, added a workaround to clear the '\' escape
     character in the IRC bot


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