Re: [vhffs] Install vhffs on debian 5.0 - no mydns-pgsql package available

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On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 07:36:21PM +0100, Yann D'ISANTO wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I want to install vhffs so I followed the installation guide (
> ) but I get a problem.
> It says to install the package "mydns-pgsql" but this package is not present
> (I am using debian 5.0).
> Is this package really needed or can I install vhffs without it ?

You can install VHFFS without it.

> Can I use the mydns-pgsql package for the old-stable ?

Probably, mydns as few deps, it would works ;-)  Don't forget to add 
security updates from oldstable in your sources.list, just in case ;)

Rebuilding the package must be easy too, but you will need to follow 
security events.

By the way, we plan to use mydns-ng on TuxFamily, we were not that 
convinced by existing alternatives like powerdns (although we are using 
it elsewhere).


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