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Hi all,
VHFFS 4.0.0 release is the occasion to adopt a new, more coherent
repository layout. What was called vhffs_4.1 branch is now trunk (since
it is the latest version). Last trunk before 4.1 integration has been
tagged as vhffs-4.0.0 and a 4.0 branch has been created from this last
trunk version. Then vhffs_4.1 branch has been merged into trunk and
branches/vhffs_4.1 will be deleted to avoid confusion. From now, the
classic development scheme is used : what will be vhffs 4.1 is
developed in the trunk, bugfixes for 4.0 are applied to 4.0 branch.
When 4.1 will be released, a new branch will be created and what will
be 4.2 will be developed into trunk.
I hope this is clear.
Alexandre, your patch for autotools should now be against trunk. I'll
try to apply it and give you the diff to avoid you too much work and
let you concentrate on patch content.

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