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My friends !,

You probably know that Debian Etch is finally released !

Let me send a lot of colored papers in the sky (I don't know how it is 
called in english and I don't care).

Da da da. (not necessary to understand the following)

So, I said that Etch is out, and TuxFamily is going to upgrade all 
servers this summer (if crafty doesn't thrown me outside and if I don't 
find a girl before... so... if crafty doesn't thrown me outside).

Due to this fact, we need to freeze vhffs 4.1 before this summer.


Could you reply to the list what it remains to release vhffs 4.1 ?

On my side, I am going to improve and fixe listengine a lot in the next 
few days.

Concerning vhffs 4.0, there is some bugs (a lot of them has been fixed 
in vhffs 4.1 but not backported to 4.0 because of time wasted on 
IRC^w^w^w^w lack of time), but there is no release critical bugs, so,
we can release vhffs 4.0.0.... nooooowwwwwww....


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