[xmoto-news] Inksmoto level editor (svg2lvl) 0.4.0 is out

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Inksmoto level editor 0.4.0 is out.

Plenty of new stuffs in it.

* name change to 'inksxmoto level editor' -> more understandable than svg2lvl
* use Tkinter to have extension windows populated with values from the svg.
* support for xmoto 0.2.5 new functionnalities (rotated sprite, sky properties, level border, reversed sprites, ...)
* add check boxes to extension windows, parameters are changed only if checkbox is set (example: when you convert blocks to background blocks, you can choose if you want to update the blocks texture).
* a block can have two edge texture now (one on the upper side and one on the down side).
* allow xmoto to update texture and sprite informations from the xmoto website.
* use inkscape layers to put blocks in layers
* new Windows installer which contains inkscape + svg2lvl

The only dude.

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