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i upload the new .dmg on the website.
Issue closed. What about the next issue ? translate xmoto into greek ?
11 120 000 of people are waiting for that.


Αντώνης Λαμνάτος (Antonis Lamnatos) a écrit :
It works! I've played with it for about 30 minutes, completing and changing levels, all without any problems at all. I think you've nailed the issue and fixed it.

Thanks a lot for the help guys :-)


2007/10/23, Αντώνης Λαμνάτος (Antonis Lamnatos) < lamnatos@xxxxxxxxx>:
Sure, I'll test it as soon as I get back home today. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks a lot for that Dave :-)

2007/10/23, Dave Vasilevsky < djvasi@xxxxxxxxx>:
Ok, so it looks like it actually was a bug in SDL:
http://bugzilla.libsdl.org/show_bug.cgi?id=471 .. Their SVN is already
fixed: http://libsdl.org/cgi/viewvc.cgi/branches/SDL-1.2/src/video/quartz/SDL_QuartzEvents.m?r1=3295&r2=3445

I built a new SDL.framework with the fix:
http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128 /trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/frameworks
.. And I replaced the X-Moto dmg with the fixed version on my server:

In my testing, the bug seems fixed. Antonis, could you please test as
well? Once we're sure it's fixed, Nicolas can upload the fixed version
to the X-Moto website.


Αντώνης Λαμνάτος
Antonis Lamnatos

--- earcar@xxxxxxxxx

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