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Ok, thanks to Turker, the bug has been fixed.
If you encounter the pb, go into options, rooms, update the room list, choose wr, save.
the bug is that the default xml url was not the good one.
We should make 0.3.1 soon because we fixed 2 important bugs. However, i've at least an other one to fix (about camera).

turker, about your last bug:
[22:26] <MeW_> downloading to /home/MeW/.xmoto/webrooms.xml.bz2
[22:26] <MeW_> ** Warning ** : Failed to analyse update webrooms list

the only way to get this is that downloading the file doesn't exist.
and the file doesn't exist :


nicolas:trunk$ grep -R xml2 .
did you modify something manually ?


Türker SEZER a écrit :
Hi all,

Xmoto 0.3.0 cant update highscores. Because it downloads rooms.xml and so it cant analyze it.

I added some couts to code. The outputs are:

MeW@hell xmoto $ xmoto
// from WWW.cpp file
Highscore URL:

// from xmDatabase_web.cpp
error : unable to analyze xml highscore file

Türker SEZER

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