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i've updated the issue to explain the pb. (http://todo.xmoto.tuxfamily.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=43) i've found how to fix the problem on windows ; i'll do pb once i'll get access to a windows plateform.

Does have any unix system HOME environment values not coded as utf-8 ? (Mac os x ?!?)
How to determine the charset used to code HOME ?!?
Does anybody know it ?


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I try to explain.

First I deleted everything. Then I downloaded 0.27, because that was last one wich work my computer. When I played that, that way I got that Config.dat file. Then I downloaded 0.30 zip file and I extract those files inside that 0.27 folder. Then I downloaded that Special xmoto exe file and pasted to that folder. Then I opened that Config.dat file and I added that <var name="XMDBFILE" value="C:/xm.db"/> line there. And now it works.

It was big job download all tracks, there is more than 800 tracks.

Again, this game is so cool. I can't stop playing.

Sorry my english.


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Excuse me, but can you give more information please.
It is a bug and i must fix it.
How did you fix it ?


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Xmoto is working now. I had to download 0.27 first but everything is now

Thank you so much yuor help. This is so awesome game


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> hum, you did an error by adding the option.
> you must edit it so that even if it crashed, you can read in the log :
> XMDBFILE = "C:\xm.db"
> however i think the pb is link to the  and things like it.
> ...
> ** Warning ** : failed to load or parse user configuration 'config.dat'
> ...
> XMDBFILE = "C:\Documents and Settings\Kyttj/.xmoto/xm.db"
> add a line like this :
> <var name="XMDBFILE" value="C:\\xm.db"/>
> or
> <var name="XMDBFILE" value="C:/xm.db"/>
> at lease the second should work
> Nicolas

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