[xmoto-dev] X-Moto 0.3.0 Mac build

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The X-Moto 0.3.0 Mac build is done, get it here: http:// vasi.dyndns.org/files/ports/xmoto-0.3.0-macosx-universal.dmg

I have only been able to test it on PowerPC, since I only have a PPC Mac. However, it should work on both PPC and Intel, on all released versions of Mac OS X newer than 10.2.8. I have not tested on 10.5 Leopard yet, I'll get around to it once it's closer to release.

The gettext problem I resolved by just renaming the xmoto.mo files from fr_FR to fr, ru_RU to ru, etc. I have the patch to disable the dock icon as well as a new patch for VPATH out-of-dir builds here: http://vasi.dyndns.org/trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/patch .

Thanks to all the xmoto developers for their work on 0.3.0, it's looking great so far :-)


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