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Hi there,
As part of a research that I was doing for a project within our organization I was looking for a wiki-like content management system and while searching for such software I found the TogerWiki, LionWiki, PumaWiki, WiKiss and some other derivatives and followers.
Since none of them met our exact requirements we started changing the WiKiss code. We cleaned it up a little and added English comments, but also removed (or rather disabled) some functionality that was not needed for our project.
The major addition (improvement) though is the modified plugin system and the breaking of the code into various classes according to the OOP principals.
What we have as a result is code compatible with PHP 5.
I know that forking a project is not the best thing you can do but we just have specific requirements. After so many changes our wiki will probably become very different from what is the original work.
We will, of course, share the produced source code with the community. It should be covered by the GPL 2 license as the original work. We will do that as soon as we have part of our repository available for anonymous access. Another idea is to put it on SourceForge.
Since I was not able to find the email address of the original WiKiss developer I thought that I should share this in that mailing list as a sign of courtesy to the original developer of that code..


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