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Hello WiKiss users.

Few weeks ago I started looking for some minimalist Wiki project. I was recommended TigerWiki from several people but I wasn't able to find it (website is dead), but I found out in Wikipedia article that there's successor to TigerWiki named WiKiss. It seemed to suit my needs perfectly, but it was all in french and I don't understand french a word. So I downloaded it and started translating (ehm, guessing ...) to english. After that, I found some missing points (renaming pages, html keyword, after entering wrong password changes are lost etc.) so I fixed that. It was fun so I continued improving (and rewriting) it. The problem was that what I ended with was more than "a little bit" different than WiKiss. As WiKiss is licensed under GPL I'm obliged to release it to the public under same license.

Website is at http://lionwiki.0o.cz/

Main differences between WiKiss and LionWiki are listed below:

* Internationalization. LionWiki interface is available in a few languages, help and installation files are in english. Source code is commented in english.
* bzip2/gzip/plain history compression.
* LionWiki is able to work from just one file (usually index.php), because it includes default language translation, config values and template.
* powerful serving multiple subdomains from one installation
* LionWiki can rename pages.
* LionWiki provides password protection for both writing and reading pages.
* New plugins WhatLinksHere and text Captcha, totally rewritten RSS plugin (feed contains diffs between revisions).
* Several new syntax features like HTML tag, extended local links and links to headings.
* all output is XHTML 1.0 compliant. Rewritten Table of contents, so it doesn't contain headings (which is semantically wrong)
* LionWiki (without plugins) works on both PHP4 and PHP5.
* Greatly simplified and cleaned code
* New default template
* Tons of small changes and tweaks
* New bugs

I'm aware of that forking an active project is not very polite. But under such circumstances (especially language ones) I have no other choice.

S pozdravem Adam Živnéř | ICQ: 354-750-968 | Mobil: 775 610 300

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