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Dear all,

today I simplified the way how our CMake system works. (I plan to simplify it further in the far future). Still, the dependency checking will not work perfectly, but defining modules and exernal libs is much easier now.

There exists


which will prepare ALL external libraries. It defines include directories and the location of the libs. The libs must be order according to the linker setting. The subroutine is called by the main CMakeLists.txt

All FindModuleXXX.cmake files have been removed.

All module include directories will be stored in the global variable


All module library names will be generated from the given target name (it is basically identical).

Therefore, when adding a module to a driver, one only has to tell the driver the new dependency (in drivers/CMakeLists.txt) and that is all.

In order to define a module,

- tell CMake its existence in modules/CMakeLists.txt
- create directories:  modules/mymodule - main dir
 modules/mymodule/mymodule - C++ sources
 modules/mymodule/swig - SWIG input file
 modules/mymodule/doc - Doxygen files
 modules/mymodule/test - C++ sources for test drivers

- modules/mymodule/CMakeLists.txt defines
- the directories relative to modules/mymodule/mymodule which are searched for source files
 - the test drivers (if any)
 - the dependence on other modules (required to compile test drivers)
 - a flag if there exists a SWIG wrapper module
 - a flag if there exists a test environment
 - a flag if there exists a Doxygen template
- Check other CMakeLists.txt files for advice.

Best regards

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