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Dear list,

today we finally moved to tuxfamily.org

Unfortunately, there is not as much disk space available as we are used to. I still hope, all of us can live with incomfortable issues.

I had to split our repository into 2 parts:

- The externals will be part of a special download-repository on tuxfamily.org which is basically a file server without revision control. It is used to save the complete "Externals" directory (at the moment incuding makefile patches - though we should move those into our Git repo in the near future). I think we can live with that because the external packages do not change often.

- The source tree itself will be part of the Git repo which is now hosted at tuxfamily.org. You need a login at tuxfamily to get read and write exist. Furthermore, there exist public access and even a very nice HTML interface. Tuxfamily admins asked me to avoid any binary files in the Git repo. Therefore, compile all Latex files, Doxygen docs, etc. by yourself (I will configure a cronjob which will automatically link documentation files to our website)

The new Git repo is INCOMPATIBLE with the existing Git revision systems.
Please, clone the new repo from scratch before implementing new stuff.

How to check out from the new host, is explained here:

Best regards

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