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I want to create a discussion thread for a module "interpreter" (before we start the actual implementation). I would like to combine things from drivers tngbatch and TNGQT and also restructure the opening of modules, etc. If you want to add any ideas, please use the "reply to list" button and it will be sorted according to the discussion thread on http://listengine.tuxfamily.org/lists.tuxfamily.org/tng-devel/

- unify interface between main program and Lua interpreter
- provide a simplier way to open modules
- provide a simple interface to logging AND output mesages (ostream for __str__ operators)
- provide trace (output)
- provide quiet trace (trace position without output)
- provide no trace
- provide API for object browser
- Load, Start, Stop, Continue, Reload ??? which one do we need?

Moreover I would like to automate the CMake scripts such that any found module will be automatically compiled and added. That means we need find a way to automatically add and open SWIG modules in the interpreter.

- every module gets a directory interpreter - In this directory there will be a single C++ file which does all things that are done in the driver at the moment (creating the logger object and opening the SWIG module). The SWIG opening should be done by making the specific load routine known to the interpreter module. - The interpreter module will contain a factory (Singleton) class which collects all load methods and calls them on startup.


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