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Dear TASTE users,

For those who will update their TASTE VM today, you will find inside a major new release of OpenGEODE, our internal SDL editor. The update comes also with minor updates of the ASN.1 compiler.

This version has two important new features:

- support for SDL procedures
You can now define internal (graphical) procedures with formal parameters

- generation on the fly of 'statechart'-kind of diagrams

The picture below illustrates these changes (The "CheckCRC" box is a procedure symbol, when you double click on it it opens a nested diagram in which you can describe some additional behaviour). Use the Up arrow on the menu bar to come back to the parent diagram.

On the right you can see the statecharts. This view gives a nice overview of your state machine, without the complete defintiion of the transitions (which is in the SDL model). 

For more information on how to use OpenGEODE with TASTE, please contact us.

Note that OpenGEODE is a technology demonstrator, that fits well R&D purposes ; but it is an experimental prototype that should not be used in place of professional SDL editors such as Pragmadev RTDS for commercial applications.

Best regards,

ESA - European Space Agency

Maxime Perrotin
TASTE Project manager
PROBA V - PROBA 3 Software engineer

System, Software and Technology Department

Keplerlaan 1, PO Box 299
NL-2200 AG Noordiwjk, The Netherlands
maxime.perrotin@xxxxxxx | www.esa.int
+31 (0)71 565 4923 | Fax +31 (0)71 565 5420

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