Re: [taste-users] DMT-ToolsAndManual-Linux-120222 Execution Requirements?

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Hi Thanassis,

I am able to execute the Python tools now.  I am attempting to convert DataView.asn and it works ok to convert to C code using asn1.exe with mono.
However, here is what happens when I try

dogmatix:123$../../DMT-ToolsAndManual-Linux-120222/asn2aadlPlus/ -keep DataView.asn DataView.aadl
Cannot open assembly '/home/reder/src/DMT-ToolsAndManual-Linux-120222/asn2aadlPlus': File does not contain a valid CIL image.

ASN1SCC reported semantic errors (or mono failed). Aborting...

For the environment I set this:


Which is where asn1.exe exists.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Leonard J. Reder
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Flight Software Applications
Email: reder@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone (Voice): 818-354-3639

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