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Dear all,

I have worked a bit these past days in creating a new ASN.1 Value Editor, that allows to create ASN.1 variables with a tabular interface.
To make use of it, I decided to revisit the automatic generation of GUIs that Thanassis originally made some 4 years ago. I took the opportunity to make use of new libraries that we developed in the scope of PeekPoke and the Python backends, in order to make it more attractive.
See the screenshot below for a glimpse of it.
All TM/TC Windows are "dockable" widgets, that can be moved around, grouped as tabs, taken out of the window, or closed. Plots (streaming) and accessible directly from the interface and it is now possible to plot several curves on one diagram.
Speedometers are also integrated :-)
This all works and communicate with TASTE binaries!
Before releasing it in the VM, I will add a few additional functionalities. Just take this as a preview :-)
Hope you like it....


ESA - European Space Agency

Maxime Perrotin

Proba 3 - Proba V Software Engineer
System, Software and Technology Department


Keplerlaan 1, PO Box 299
NL-2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands

maxime.perrotin@xxxxxxx | www.esa.int
T +31 71 565 4923 | F +31 71 565 5420

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