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I updated using the repository
/home/slitaz/cooking/.../hg-wok to the latest commit. Other
Hg projects looks like synchronized.

Have we lost the
It looks too outdated:
2014/10/23 (if skip three recent changes).

How to restore the content?

1. Google cache.
   Too many work to save html pages and convert them back to dokuwiki
   syntax. Not all pages existed in the cache, some of them are

2. Internet Archive (Wayback Machine).*/
   Similar source of the html-formatted pages. Drawbacks are the same.
   It is not a mirror of the site, it's a set of (some) pages saved at
   random time.

3. Looking for a backups on the mirror1 server I've
   found /var/www/doc folder. Some files are back to 2015. It's better
   than now existing content. Also, this replica is accessible via
   Recent changes
   shows 2015/08/22.

4. Maybe someone can find an own copy of the web site?
   Please write here if you have doc copies dated after August 2015.

I have no access to the Pangolin server. Dear Erjo and Pascal, please
update doc site using mirror1 replica.


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