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> The BASEVER variable was used so i didn't have rebuild every 3rd-party
> kernel module. Thats why i think i made 3.x-slitaz like version names.

Let say we dont change often the kernel version so you may have to
rebuilt them twice a year, no ? And we talking about how much pkgs,
8-10 ?

I did a huge clean-up in linux package, used new config files with
adviced from Kultex, Mojo and other contributors to have a better
desktop support. I did it also because it was needed: sound bug, usb
bug, x bug... often due to the unfamous symlimk in /lib/modules and the
kernel version hack. Depmod missmatch the correct dir and some mods are
not correctly installed/loaded.

Finaly I found easier to use an old-school and standard method! If you
want to save compile time with kernel, skip the x64 built:

# cook linux --nox64

Or make it cross compile so we dont have to built it in our i486 arch
wok :-)

- Christophe

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