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> Hi Christophe,

Hi Tom,

> I was stupid - xorg-server-Xfbdev exists ....

Nope you note stupide :-)

xorg-server-Xfbdev = A TinyX autonomous server who need no driver and
have small dependencies but limited feature (SliTaz 1.0, 2.0 was using A
TinyX server called Xvesa in 3.0 we have a flavor of. But Xorg dropped
it and since TinyX server Xfbdev work on any hardware wich support

xorg-xf86-video-fbdev = The framebuffer driver for Xorg server wich I
never tested and who is not yet in SliTaz. Guess it is a generic drive
like the vesa one.

> ciao
> Thomas

- Christophe

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