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I have been working on my-cookutils for the source dvd that will (i hope) merge the cookutils and tazwok features together. I have added a TANK variable option already for stuff that ideally just for tank.

Highlights of my-cookutils:
* Incoming folder support. This was what allow tazwok to remove older pa.

* AUTO_PURGE_SRC support. This is disable by default but the feature is that you can auto remove sources that are older then your packages. This helpful in that you will know you only have the sources for your packages instead just having all older versions too. Need to do cook gen-src before enable this.

* Build repo without build wok. This is need for source dvd and this will allow no need to build anything if you just want repo of your cached packages.

* Tazwok mount binds. This is again for source dvd. It will mount bind folders like tazwok does when TANK is not enabled. So cache will be in /home/slitaz/cooking/cache and $chroot/home/slitaz/cooking/cache. There is a if statement in my cook.conf to change $SLITAZ to /home/slitaz when TANK is enabled and when disabled its /home/slitaz/$VERSION.

* Support for COOK_OPT again. This is needed so we don't bulk repack sources that need to be original sources in order for them to work. This is also so we can stay compatiable with tazwok.

* Support for LAN_MIRROR. This is again for source dvd but it would be nice if users can get source from instead of WGET_URL first. This is only cause we are going to have recompressed sources now on mirror that will save bandwidth. Some people may want to get the recompress source. But this is mainly for the source dvd mirror features so your users on your local lan can get sources from your tank/mirror machine.

Problems with my-cookutils:

I still need to make incoming folder friendly to cooker.cgi. Cause otherwise a full wok build could be in incoming but the process bar will think nothing got build since only looks at packages folder. And i can't just add packages and incoming numbers since packages and incoming could have the same packages or newer/older version of the same package build in packages. We need to keep the wok and cooked list in sync with each other or progress bar would just will not be actuate. The good news is this is the only major bug i think with my-cookutils repo..

I hope this helps.

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 7:05 PM, Claudinei Pereira <contato@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Daniele,

The doc for cookutils is:

2011/6/3 Daniele Guerrieri <d.guerrieri@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> the info contained in
> are true also
> for cookutils?
> is there a complete - up to date - cook guide?
> Daniele
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