I'm Banned from add commits into slitaz-boot-scripts

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I know screwed by saying to use 755 for chowning home users. Maybe it should have been 744 or something. (Don't just add that like you did with 755 without checking it first). Again sorry about that.

Anyway I fixed issue 63 now. Here is my fix: http://pastebin.com/uv3f8nyD This one i have tested and it works.

I'm on a more up to date system now so i can start fixing problems with my scripts and your stuff. Like fixing opengl cause it doesn't work and all libsdl needs to rebuild just so those packages work. I did fix libsdl by using tazwok but i think we can just add mesa-dev into libsdl BUILD_DEPENDS to fix the opengl.

Also just found another bug with slitaz-boot-scripts. system.sh only looks for /etc/asound.state so it never restored the older sound settings. So the bug here still exist after your fix. I also think CONFIG_FILES needs to be set to /var/lib/alsa/asound.state so its backup otherwise a upgrade will overwrite your settings on installed system.

I hope to have access back soon seeing how I just found 2 bugs in slitaz-boot-scripts I can't add to repo right now.

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