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Hi list,

I am new to SliTaz, and have some questions that are not properly
answered in webpages.

1- What is the recommended procedure to install SliTaz in a eeePC 701?

I know a specific flavor called "eeepc"
was developed for this type of netbooks.
I know a specific liveCD was available as ISO image "eeepc.iso",
in cooking/flavors/ subdirectory of mirrors.

But now (October 2010) iso image does not exists, and mercurial hg repository of
says many eeepc-related files have been deleted.

Only a package "slitaz-eeepc" remains:

Can we yet say a eeepc flavor exists? Or the support for eeePC nettops
in included in core/base flavor?.
slitaz-eeepc can be used with any flavor?.

Sorry, but documentation is confusing.

2- How can I search in the mailist archives?
I can't find a search box in .

Best regards,

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