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Hi --

@Darjeeling (amongst others) have noticed the get-Opera script needs
updating. I am in the habit of downloading and converting the 'Other
RPM' from the site anyway, as I play with the bets from time to time so
didn't notice!

I've played around with it this evening and it seems
Opera have changed their URL format, directories etc. I have made
available a fixed version, which includes a small output line to
identify a dead link or outdated version a little more friendly, for

 0. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6413248/get-opera
 1. http://forum.slitaz.org/index.php/discussion/1450

If there are no problems, I'll commit it to the repos.

As a side note, I take it the rpm/cpio logic included is to save RAM?
Should this be replaced with merely a `tazpkg convert #.rpm` command?
Absolutely fine if not, just a thought.


Ben Arnold
Chester, UK

e: ben at seawolfsanctuary.com
w: seawolfsanctuary.com | t: @seawolf

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