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Dear Ludovic,

How did you make it? I really wanna learn to cook some software
sources. I'm on trouble compiling VLC to support "faad" so the VLC can
play mp4a audio format of FLV file from YouTube that I downloaded to
play offline.

I wish you may share "how to cook" for slitaz tazpkg file.

On 4/2/10, Ludovic LEMARINEL <l.lemarinel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi
> Here are the packages I've cooked.
> There is : at, dovecot, owfs, wput,wol.
> Hope to see them soon in slitaz repository !
> 2010/4/2 Alexander Medvedev <devl547@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Post them here..
>> And ask pankso for wok-undigest account


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