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Hi all,

Claudinei and Linea are working towards creating a testing environment
for better quality management (http://labs.slitaz.org/wiki/packages).
Many people have shown interest in joining testing teams. But it seems
very few people contributed the test reports.

I think its a good effort but maybe we need to make it easier for
people to test. I personally do not like people criticizing SliTaz
devs over the forums that such an such thing have not been fixed for
over an year.

Pascal has recently announced a flavor contest
(http://mirror.slitaz.org/pizza/). All official flavors
(http://hg.slitaz.org/flavors/) can be automatically generated by
anyone within minutes.

So, maybe we simply create few 650MB testing flavors for each package
category (or probably just with popular packages). I believe  such
large flavors can be generated based on low-ram / 3-in-1 flavor ( but
haven't really tested this theory myself).

I feel testing packages on liveCD is much easier.  Furthermore, we can
generate a new testCD with any given snapshot of cooking repos.

One of the downside, however, is that this will not address all the
dependency issues that may happen on SliTaz Core CD. But, atleast ,
this may help to catch the problems faster. Moreover, we already have
implemented automatic dependency checking.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.



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