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Christophe Lincoln wrote:
Hi all,

Here is a first draft for 3.0 website/press announce. Feel free to fix
typo and improve the text.

If someone want to write a shorter and a bit different announce for
Distrowatch, he would save me some precious time!



After 1 year of development, SliTaz version 3.0 is released.
Now simpler, faster and just as tiny, it now boasts nearly
2300 packages. The desktop is powered by LXPanel, openbox and
Xorg 7.4. Default applications include Midori, Rysnc, Alsa,
ePDFview and gFTP. The new toolchain includes GCC 4.4.1 and the kernel. The core system is a 30MB image and LiveCDs
start at 8MB. You can read the release notes for more information
and download from one of the official mirrors of the project.

Feel free to edit, modify, etc.


PS: typo "It's simpler, faster, ......................." in website announce.

- Christophe

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